Friday, July 11, 2008

Check out these podcasts for children!

My Baby Monsters: - From My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Kids' Stories & Children's Art
This website has really cute story telling podcasts for children (elementary level). It’s user friendly and free! It’s a mix of adults and children reading the stories and it’s almost as if you are listening to a play they way that they read it, it’s very interactive between the adults and children. Most of the stories are silly and fun. They aren’t really meant to enhance curriculum but there is some real world situations (like going to the dentist) that could be incorporated into Social Studies. It could also be used for listening practice for students, nursery rhymes or responding to literature.

Radio Willow Web:
Radio WillowWeb is produced by students and teachers at Willowdale Elementary School.

This is a website created by Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. I liked this podcast a lot because it revolves around academic topics. All the elementary grades (K-5) are represented on the website and there is a wide range of topics the students can learn about (mostly informational). I also liked that it was produced by the children. They are narrating and it is obvious they are the ones who have developed it. This website is also free and easy to use and contains other information for teachers which maybe useful in your classroom. -
This site is run by John Woodring

If you’re looking for a variety of podcasts for kids, created by kids this is your site. The website is free however you have to sign up and adhere to the policies before listening to a majority if the podcasts. The website doesn’t look very child friendly and it can be confusing to navigate. They have mixed podcasts with blog articles so at times you think you will get a podcast however it turns out to really be a blog. It wouldn’t be my first choice to go there to listen to blogs however it does give children freedom to express themselves through a podcast and have it heard by other children. This would be a nice place for teacher’s to have their students try blogging and listen to what other children have to say.

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