Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome To First Grade (assignment 4)

Hello students and parents!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and reading lots of books! I look forward to being your teacher and I hope you are excited about becoming a first grader. Over the summer I want you to check out this website and share it with your family. The website is called Starfall and I really think that you will have lots of fun using it. With your mom, dad, or another adult, log on to the website (see below) and click on what looks interesting to you, and follow the directions the computer gives you. Try as many things as you can on the website and be sure to let me know which section is your favorite.

Your Task:
Once you have finished exploring I want you to go back to the section that says I'm reading! (with the little dragon) and look through the stories. I would like you to create your very own comic. If you would like you can use this fun comic creator website to help you:

Also, I would like you to write your own story. Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end. Use the fiction section to guide you. Be sure not to copy the stories on the website. You are all creative thinkers and need to create a story that is your very own! Please bring both of these assignments with you to class on the first day of school 9/2/2008.

I can't wait to see you in September!
Ms. Tuttle

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