Sunday, August 3, 2008

Supervisior Presentation

Overview/ Implementation Plan-

This lesson/unit is intended to be taught over the course of three days and further our investigation about trees. We will be exploring what products/ materials we get from trees and how we use them in our daily lives. This ties in nicely with our current unit of study in science about wood. In addition, we will be doing most of our exploring (research) through the use of technology which will be highly motivating. I have created a blog page ( which will be the hub of our investigation. I have downloaded a YouTube video The Giving Tree and have marked two websites which will help the students further understand what products come from trees. Below is a copy of the lesson plan in which you will find: materials, content objects, standards, time flow, daily schedule, etc. I will serve as the students guide though out the process due to the fact that this is first grade.
In the end students will produce two things: 1. a poster and 2. a class book. The poster will be of items that come from trees and the book will a compilation of students responses to the question: what products do we get from tree? I will be using the class rubric which you will find on my blog. This is the rubric I use for all projects and the students are very aware of the 1-4 system.

Finally, the following resources were used to complete this lesson/ unit:

lesson overview- The Giving Tree - Upload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: lesson overview- The Giving Tree

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