Saturday, August 2, 2008

Student Presentation - The Giving Tree

Day 1:

Hello students!

As a class we are now going to watch an animated version of The Giving Tree read by the author Shel Silverstein. Be sure to watch closely because when we are finished I'm going to ask you to write a response to literature. You can write about your favorite part, or tell me about a tree who has giving you a lot of things, or you can about what happened in the story.

Before we begin, who can tell me what they think this story is about? Have any of you ever climbed a tree or swung on its branches?

Now let's watch and see what things the tree gives to the boy!

So, what happened in the story? Who were the main characters? What message do you think Shel Silverstein was trying to send to you about trees?

Ok, it is time to get out paper and pencils and put our thinking caps on. What are you going to write about? Your favorite part? About a tree that you love? Or perhaps you want to tell me the events that happened in the story. Don't forget I love lots of details and remember to take your time, it isn't a race.

Day 2:

Yesterday we watched an animated version of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We learned that trees can give us a lot of things! Think back and I will show you pictures from the book to help you remember, what things did the tree give to the boy/man? Let's make a class list of all the things the tree gave to the boy/man.

Now, lets see what else we can get from trees. Lets look at these websites below to find out more products that come from trees:

Wow look at all these things we can get from trees! Trees sure are important. Let's add our favorite items to our class list of products we get from trees.

Day 3:

For the past two days we have been learning about some products that trees give us. Let's look over our class list to refresh our memories. Wow that is a lot of items! Now we are going to create posters of all the things we get from trees. I have brought in several magazines for us to look through. We are only going to cut out only items that come from trees. Each group will make their very own poster that we will hang around the class. Don't forget as a group you must label all of the items on the page. When we are finished we will share our posters with the class and i will hang them up around the room.

Let's go over group roles:

Facilitator: Will keep everyone on task and make sure everyone has a voice volume of a #1.

Time keeper: Keeps an eye on the clock and will make sure the poster is done on time.

Presenter: Will present the final poster to the class.

Gofer: Will gather materials and put them away.

Recorder: Will label the materials/products on the poster.

Finally, I will give you a piece of lined paper and I would like you individually to answer this question: What products do trees give us? Here is your sentence starter: Trees give us...
I will put all the pages together to create a class book for the classroom library.

If there are no questions it's time to begin!

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